Antico Caputo Fiore Glut-Gluten Free Flour Bag, 2.2 lb


(as of 04/23/2018 at 20:00 UTC)


Antico Molino Caputo FioreGlut Gluten free For semifinished Baked Goods With Commodities. Information This mix of gluten free flour is a mixture of rice and potatoes, rice starch and soy flour, sugar, thickener and dietary fiber. These natural ingredients are also naturally gluten-free, and the combination has been carefully crafted to produce the best quality bread and pizza crusts. Format Package of 1kg.


  • Gluten Free Baking Mix for making Amazing GF Pizza Crust and other products
  • Antimo Caputo is known for its superior pizza and bread flours
  • Perfect blend of GF Ingredients makes a better pizza crust than other GF blends.
  • Imported from Naples, Italy


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